My Proxy Order

Welcome to! We provide a service where you can design and create custom orders of Magic: The Gathering proxies on demand. Need to playtest a card? Want to upgrade your casual playgroup? Have your own custom cards? We’ve got you covered! We print high-quality proxies, ready the next business day!


We aim to offer high-quality proxies at an affordable price. Our proxies look and feel great but won’t have any holographic foils or counterfeit markers. Colors might not match the original card exactly, and the cut might vary (just like real MTG cards).  If you upload your own images, make sure they’re 63mm by 88mm keep important information / lines away from the edge. We use CMYK printing, so RGB images will be converted, which might change color values. By ordering, you understand these are proxies and not counterfeits, so variations in color, size, and shape may occur.


Our foils are laminated with a thin protective layer to prevent scratches, but over time, they might show some curvature, similar to MTG foils, altho very rarely. We recommend sleeving the cards immediately to avoid this. Foil orders may take an extra business day to process, depending on how busy we are.


We offer custom card backs for entire orders, or single cards. You can choose from our selection or, upload your own backing image.  (63mm by 88mm keep important information / lines away from the edge.)
We have a variety of great back designs available, and remember, you’ll be sleeving your cards!


By uploading custom visuals, you declare that you own all rights to these images and are responsible for any legal issues. You also allow to use these visuals for promotion and potentially add them to our gallery for others to purchase as proxies.


Orders are usually processed within one to two business days, but it can take up to three during busy times. Shipping is $5 flat rate with tracking, and $25 flat rate for international orders (or $27 for NZ and PR), with tracking.
We ship worldwide (no PO boxes). International orders are valued under $25 to avoid import fees. Once shipped, we’re not responsible for your package. Make sure your shipping information is correct, and contact your local postal service for any issues. If anything happen to your package during shipping, please contact us with as many information possible so that our support team can handle reprint/reship/solutiosn accordingly.

RTS (Return to Sender) PACKAGE:

We don’t have a return address. Packages will not be retrievable.
Ensure your address is correct, pick up your package on time, and provide any necessary customs information. If your package is returned, we offer a reprint at material cost with an 80% discount plus shipping.
Please note that international shipping time may varry a lot depending on weather, shipping company, customs time etc… We have cases that takes 7 days in EU, but also 45 days because customs was slow. Expect variation.


Because our cards are custom-made for casual play, we don’t accept returns or refunds unless there’s a severe defect on our end. We’re not responsible for shipping errors.
Expect some variations in color, contrast, corners, texture, foiling, paper, and stamping.  Avoid blurry proxies, such as “old” MTGcardSmith’s images which had a lower quality render.

For delivery errors, contact us with images, and we’ll assess and either reship or provide store credit. For damaged products, contact us with images.

Cancellations are possible until your order status is “printed,” usually by the end of the day. To cancel your order, head to the CONTACT page and press YES when asked if you’d like to cancel an order.

We don’t offer refunds for missing products but can provide store credit as anyone could “claim” such issue. Cancellation fees apply due to transaction fees from STRIPE and PAYPAL (4-6% plus any gateway fees).
International cancellations incur an extra 2% fee. So make sure your order is correct before placing it.


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